We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church, covenant to affirm and promote the purposes and principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Our Behavioral Covenant

Therefore, we aspire,

In Our Relationships with One Another,

  • to speak directly with one another about our concerns and our encouragements, and to seek help in doing so if we feel it is needed.
  • to extend trust, patience, and goodwill to one another. We choose to act and communicate respectfully. When differences arise, we will allow opportunities for all to be heard and understood. We will work together, appreciating conflict as an opportunity to grow. We understand that not all concerns can be resolved to our personal satisfaction.
  • to honor the worth and dignity of each member, friend, and guest, including our children. We seek to know one another as individuals and friends building community together.

In Our Relationships to This Church,

  • to be responsible stewards of this church, offering support both financially as we are able and through the work of our hands and hearts.
  • to value our professional staff, lay leaders, and volunteers, and treat them with kindness and respect.
  • to care for the building and grounds, the place where our faith is sheltered.
  • to participate actively in UUCC governance and decision-making opportunities that affect our members and our church.
  • to remind others kindly of the spirit of this document when needed, and to allow ourselves to be so reminded.

In Our Relationships to the Larger Community,

  • to support the larger UU movement, both at the district and national levels.
  • to attempt to live by the principles of our faith both in church and out.
  • to welcome all those who come to us in search of their spiritual paths.
  • to walk softly upon the earth, in reverence to life and all that sustains us. June, 2009