Annual Retreat on the Land – Sept. 24-25

The Annual Retreat on the Land is a long-standing tradition at UU Community Church. The event brings people together in a ritual of gratitude for our land and our tribe. This year’s Retreat on the Land is slated for September 24. The event begins on Saturday afternoon and runs through our Sunday service. There is drumming and singing, chanting, and S’mores! Participants enjoy a potluck cookout for dinner followed by a terrific bonfire, complete with storytelling and music. There are arts and crafts projects for children of ALL ages. We hold a formal ceremony to officially open the Retreat around 4pm on Saturday. Both outdoor labyrinths are open for walking in groups or in solitude.  Many people choose to bring tents and campers and stay the night. Over the past few years, we have developed a Retreat on the Land Team. If you and your family want to join the team to help organize, set up, and clean up the event you are welcome to join. This is a family friendly event and the cost is $10 per person and $30 max for families.

For the safety of all, we ask that campers arrive either Friday evening or by noon on Saturday.