The Pastoral Care Ministry at UUCC Glen Allen is a vibrant part of congregational life, and a vital part of maintaining connections in our faith community. This ministry is made up of several unique but cooperative components:

1. Our minister is available to provide pastoral care when needed.

2. The Care Committee is lay-led and operated. The committee meets on a regular basis (approximately monthly), to assess the effectiveness of the Committee’s outreach (see #3). An additional focus of these meetings includes the opportunity for committee members to participate in continuing education and skill development on providing care within a congregation.

3. A community-based network of neighborhoods (by zip-code) utilizes a monthly Care Coordinator, as well as a contact person in each zip code to activate other congregants in the same zip code to provide pastoral care to a neighbor in need. Examples include sending cards, offering meals, making phone calls of support, providing child care and visitation or transportation, and whatever else is needed.

If you are interested in learning more about the Care Committee, and/or want to become involved in this ministry, please contact the church administrator at