Greatest Needs for our Refugee Outreach

Our greatest need in our refugee outreach is to provide job coaching. These men cannot pay their bills and they do want to work and make their own way.  Please consider taking time once a week to guide one of our refugees in the employment process.  Currently we have one Afghani man and one Syrian man that need individual support.

Please check the lobby of the church Sunday for suggestions of things one of our Afghani mother’s would like to have. Children in two of our families are in need of male summer-weight clothing in Size 4T and 18 months. A baby girl is now 3 months old and can also use summer-weight clothing and diapers. Diapers for the one-year-old male toddler and a 3-month-old baby girl are much needed and appreciated if you can pick up a pack on your next visit to the grocery.