Living Our Faith: Sponsorship of Refugees

Unitarian Universalist Community Church members and friends are working through Church World Services (CWS) to support new refugee families who move to the Richmond area. The church began by working in November 2016 for the arrival in 2017 of 2 families, one Afghani and one Syrian. Due to your generosity we were able to also assist a second Afghani family as the same time. First, we worked to provide furniture, clothing, baby items, toys, beds, blankets, and kitchen items to ensure they felt welcomed here.

We helped the families learn our culture, our language, and have tried to help the primary breadwinner find a job. In our ESL classes delivered in their living rooms, we teach English vocabulary and grammar, general skills for living here, and focus on health care information. We provide school supplies for school-aged children and tutor the children to help them succeed in school.

We are proud that from late January through the end of 2017, UUCC volunteers donated 949 hours of help to Church World Services (CWS), Richmond, and traveled 6,578 miles in service to refugees, plus donations of items valued at $12,324 for a grand “in-kind” total: $39,577.

In November 2017 we held 2 sessions covering school tips for new Henrico immigrants with kids. We are now planning with other churches and non-profits to sponsor more immigrant educational classes which may include school tips, health issues, and citizenship classes for those ready to take this big step.

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