YRUUOur Youth Program is built on three main components:

Religious Exploration

Building Community


Sunday Morning Class (10 am – end of service):

Our High School Class is utilizing a purpose-driven model for Sunday mornings (as opposed to the “Random Topic” model used for the past few years). Each class, though not dependent on one another, will play a part in reaching an ultimate goal for the year, Articulating Your Own Theology. Focus areas will include; Spiritual Identity, In-Depth Exploration of Other Religions, UU History, and more.

Using stories, videos, articles and personal experiences, advisors get a chance to guide the youth in discussions focused on various aspects of these topics.


Additional Fellowship:

High School Students will come together at various points throughout the year to share a meal, have some fun and to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. These will consist of “Lock-Ins”, after church meals, and other Fellowship Opportunities.
“Lock In” Dates include:

September 24-25

December 16-17

March 31 – April 1


Leadership Opportunities:

We are in the process of developing a Leadership Program for High School Youth. It has been requested that these students take part in various leadership roles throughout the church community. They will have the opportunity to serve as liaisons and participants in various committees. Our hope is that through these leadership roles, connections between the youth program and the wider church community will deepen and grow.

We want to ensure that these plans are executed to be moth successful for the youth involved, therefore, more information about these opportunities will be available as plans are solidified.