Our High School Program this year will consist of three components:

  • Theme Discussion – Once a month, the high school students will take part in a discussion of the current church-wide theme. This discussion will focus on how the theme applies to their lives and their daily experiences, how to look at the theme through a UU lens, and how that theme relates to the world around them.
  • Social Justice – Also monthly, teens will have the opportunity to learn about, discuss, and sometimes act on a monthly Social Justice theme. In an effort to achieve church-wide alignment, these themes will often be related to the church’s “4th Sunday – Share the Plate” for that month. But other times, they will come from the UUA Curriculum – Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • Youth Choice – Occasionally, youth will attend and/or participate in services that the class decides together to attend. Remaining Sundays, as in past years, will be dedicated to themes that the High School Class decides on together.