music staffOur Music and Arts Ministry is the beating heart of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.

Last year, over 100 musicians and artists participated in a wide range of music and arts adventures, including singing, chanting, drumming, dancing, acting, clowning and playing instruments.  The young and the young-at-heart worked and played together to weave a tapestry of music and arts that embraced a wide variety of musical styles and eras and honored numerous faith and ethnic traditions.  From baroque to barbershop, drumming to Diwali and handbells to Hannukah, the offerings of our Music and Arts Ministry mirrored the welcoming nature and exuberant spirit of our church.

Whether you are an experienced musician, someone who wants to dust off an instrument from your past, or a music-loving “newbie”, we have a spot for you.

Please peruse the banquet of opportunities we have to offer.  If you are yearning for the presence of music in your life, we invite you to join us.  Our journey continues and our “tribe” will welcome you with open arms.

Vocal Opportunities


Come, come whoever you are!  The Choir is open to adults and teens, music readers as well as those who “sing by ear”.  It is a place for newcomers to feel welcome and for guests to give UUCC a try.  Reserve each Thursday from 7:30-9:00 PM on your calendar for Choir rehearsal … you will be musically and spiritually fed, and leave with a song in your heart!

Deeper Truth Bass/Higher Calling Treble Ensemble(s)

These two vocal ensembles offer the opportunity to explore the “highs” and “lows” of group singing!  Deeper Truth digs into tenor and bass harmonies, while Higher Calling soars in the soprano and alto ranges.  Both ensembles feature a variety of musical styles and are open to both male and female voices.

Soul Singing

We use simple songs, chants and percussion as a spiritual practice.  This is not a performance group and no special music skills are required.  It is a great way to get to know others through shared music.  We first take a few moments to center and breathe.  Then we greet each other.  After the crystal bowl invites us to open our heart chakra … we start singing the first song … followed by a bit of silence … then on to the second song … a bit more silence … etc.  (The songs begin with the theme of welcoming, then we move to songs for centering, inner peace, empowerment, connection, and going forth.)  Harmonies and rhythm instruments/drums may be added, journaling or drawing is welcomed, or you may simply “be” and be bathed in the sounds.  Soul Singing is a lovely, lovely way to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax in a safe and supportive small community.  At the close, we are ready to enter the outside world once again …  filled with the bounty of music – food for the journey.  Give yourself the gift of Soul Singing!

Instrumental Opportunities

Hymn Jam

You are cordially invited to play in Hymn Jam!  If you are an above-average sight-reader (guitar, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, or a non-traditional instrument) come “jam” with other music makers on the upcoming Sunday’s hymns.  Hymn Jam meets each Thursday from 6:15-7:15 PM and is always a different mix of folks.  Give it a try once!


All ages!  All levels!  All instruments!  Wide repertoire!

The Orchestra is comprised of youth who play in their school music programs  and adults who have either “dusted off their instruments” or who are finding renewed joy by once again playing in a group.  This unique ensemble models that all ages and all levels can work together for a common goal.  As in music … so in life.  May our Orchestra’s music inspire us all to go forth with a spring in our step, a smile in our hearts, energized and enthused to put love into action!

Play Handbells

Our Handbell Choir, proudly ringing our two octave set of Schulmerich English Handbells, shares their art in selected Sunday services.  Participation is open to those who are interested and are able to commit to rehearsals:  the ability to read music is helpful, but not mandatory.  Coaching is available to those new to handbells and/or reading music, and assignments are tailored to each individual’s skill and ability.

Recorder Ensemble

Adults and teens who read music well and have experience with the recorder (soprano, alto or tenor) are invited to play together.

Ukulele Ensemble for All Ages!

It’s time to dust off that ukulele and play!  Adults and teens from beginners to advanced who have a basic understanding of ukulele chords are invited to join together in our “Ukestra”!  Pure fun for all!


Boneshakers Drumming Choir

Boneshakers Drumming Choir “makes a joyful noise” using many kinds of drums and other percussion instruments.  A session begins by making acquaintance with each other and the instruments.  Then one person starts a simple rhythm and others join in.  The point is to forget about yourself and relax into the feeling and spirit of the group while varying soundscapes are created.  No previous musical experience or knowledge is necessary, but a beginner’s mind will let you naturally absorb and express the universal rhythms and patterns that occur.  Instruments are provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own.  All ages are welcomed.

HAPI Drum Ensemble

“HAPI” stands for Hand Activated Percussion Instruments.  You don’t need a musical background!  When a HAPI Drum is played, it creates vibrating sound waves.  The tone is similar to singing bowls which create multiple harmonic overtones.  All ages are invited to be part of this group meditative experience.  Check out the sound at

Clowns Around Town

Are you a clown at heart?  Then our clown ensemble is the perfect place for you!  This low-stress, non-threatening group uses story and song to spread love throughout the community.  Dressed in colorful costumes that express each clown’s unique personality, they visit residential retirement and nursing facilities to present a 30-45 minute show that brings smiles to lips and joy to hearts.  Join us!

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is both a valuable communications tool and a beautiful art form, especially when used to interpret music.  This ensemble is open to all and no previous knowledge of ASL is required.  A leader stands before the group and everyone follows along.  All ages are welcome!

Interpretive Movement

This group uses creative movement to interpret both music and spoken word.  No prior dance or other movement experience is required, just the desire to use the human body express the inexpressible.  Open to teens and adults.

Musical Theater Ensemble

Our high energy Musical Theater Ensemble has presented excerpts from a variety of musicals including “The Sound of Music”, “You’re a Good Man, “Charlie Brown” and “Godspell!”  No prior stage experience is required, just a love of musical theater and the desire to share it with others!  All ages.

Family-Friendly Open Mic Night

In this safe and supportive environment, share a family-friendly song, dance, poem, etc.  This is a chance to perform in front of a supportive and non-critical audience while providing a nice evening of entertainment and fellowship for members, friends and family.

Children’s Music and Arts Club!

Children and youth are invited to sing a song, play an instrument, do a dance, read a poem, share a drawing, tell a story, drum, perform some magic tricks, etc. … the sky is the limit!  Safe, supportive and nurturing environment; parents and guests welcomed as affirming audience members.  Fun, fun, fun!

Save the date – UUCC’s annual Children’s Summer Music Camp will be the week of August 8-12.  Ages:  rising 1st – rising 6th graders (or homeschool equivalent).  New this year – multiple tracks for all ages and all levels.  More info forthcoming!