Aug. 13, Struggling Through the Fog, Rev. Amy Russell

When Brenda Clarkson and I attended GA this June, there was a tropical storm brewing with rain, wind, and fog accosting us whenever we stepped outside.  Inside the New Orleans Convention Center there was quite a bit of weather apparent as well, as UU’s struggled through the aftermath of the storms that buffeted our association in the past months.  The questions we struggled with are huge:  how to create an association with fair hiring practices when the vestiges of preference for white, male ministers remains, how to address the need for having more people of color in the pipeline for leadership, how to create multi-cultural worship, how to support our social justice witness for Black Lives Matter?  In this worship, I’ll share some of my own struggle and ask for some discussion.

August 20th, Supernatural or Super Natural?, Rev. Amy Russell

In comparing religions, we sometimes see believers in faiths other than our own as people following unscientific and mythical superstitions.  What is “supernatural” and what is simply natural but miraculous?  How do we resolve our own ambiguity around the questions that remain in our minds around the mystical and unexplained?

August 27th, Experiencing the Sacred in Nature, UUCC Writers and Amy Russell

When we walk a favorite wooded path, catch the last glimpse from the fading pink hue of a setting sun, or even taste the cold bite on a snowy morning, we can feel the sacredness of nature.    Our cathedrals are varied and our ways of experiencing the holy diverse.  We’ll hear from several of our creative UUCC members in this service highlighting their original work.