Worship Theme for November – Abundance


November 5 – Contemporary Worship, Rev. Amy Russell, Andrea Goulet-Ford

When we think of the word “abundance”, it’s easy to envision material wealth, but is that all it means? In this contemporary service, we’ll explore how sharing with others, giving with gratitude, and living with our heart wide open are the ways to create lasting abundance in our own lives. Stories of how we share in our in our congregation will be shared by congregation members.

November 12 – What We Need is Here, Contemplative Worship, Rev. Amy Russell and Michele Nierle

Buddhism tells us that when we live in the moment we’re in, being mindful of all that is around us and in us, that we can have a feeling of gentle acceptance. That we can be present to the fullness of the moment. This feeling of abundance is a joyful, spiritual practice. What we need is here.

November 19 – Standing Up for Inclusion Around our Table

As UU’s our principles ask us to affirm the worth and dignity of each person.  In our country today, there’s much discussion about how we should create inclusion and equity for everyone.  What would that equity look like?  What do we need to do to get to that place of inclusion? When we talk about Black Lives Matter, what do we mean?  Why does talking about BLM create fear and dissension in our communities?  Should we stand up for racial justice and how do we do this?

November 26 – Guest Speaker, Leeann Washington