August 27 – Experiencing the Sacred in Nature, UUCC Writers and Amy Russell

When we walk a favorite wooded path, catch the last glimpse from the fading pink hue of a setting sun, or even taste the cold bite on a snowy morning, we can feel the sacredness of nature. Our cathedrals are varied and our ways of experiencing the holy diverse. We will hear from several of our creative UUCC members in this service highlighting their original work.

September 3 – Sabbath and Work – Wow we honor both.

All the other services in September are planned around the theme of welcome.

September 10 – Water Communion – Welcome – How do we welcome ourselves (creating safe harbor for ourselves and others)?

September 17 – Welcome Home – creating welcome for our community even when we don’t agree.

September 24 – Radical Hospitality – how do we welcome others including others who are different from us?