Worship Theme for October – Courage

Contemporary – October 1st

Our UUCC Contemporary Worship is designed to engage your heart though an experience filled with energy that invites you to explore your feelings and senses and to express yourself freely!

The Courage To Feel Joy
Research shows that joy is one of the emotions that requires the most courage. Why? Because in order to feel it, we must open up our heart fully. In this contemporary service, we’ll explore the feeling of joy: what it is, why we need it, and how to access it. 

Reflective – October 8th

Reflective worship is designed to engage your mind in a thought-provoking way and will provide you the opportunity to imagine new ideas for your daily life. When entering worship, be open to new ideas and participate, when asked, in a way that you are most comfortable. 

Finding your own Ethical Courage

Events in our world challenge us to examine our own views on how we act ethically. One person’s ethical response to a challenging situation is not necessarily another person’s chosen response.  It takes courage to listen to all viewpoints and decide for oneself how to act.

Contemplative – October 15th

Contemplative worship is an opportunity to connect inwardly, practicing spiritual presence through deep listening, embodiment, and meditation.   When entering worship, you will be invited to hold the space as sacred, welcoming, and worthy of our mindful attention.

Being Present to our Fear

Sometimes, when facing something that seems daunting to us, we may get paralyzed by fear. We naturally resist the situation. When we become softened and open to seeing our fear, sitting with it, and opening our selves up to our own vulnerability, then our fear may become manageable.

October 22 – Identify, Courage, and the Mind with Guest Speaker, Rev. Alane Cameron Ford

After a certain age most of us have a pretty good idea of who we are. Or so we think. When it comes to matters of how we identify ourselves and having the courage to maintain true self-reflection throughout our lives, our minds can play many tricks on us. Rev. Alane Cameron Ford will investigate these concepts through the lenses of neuroscience, developmental psychology, and ancient folklore.

Multi-Generational, October 29th, Day of the Dead Service